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My name is David Evans and here at ProBet we have adopted an intensive research process utilising the latest technologies alongside good old fashioned race reading techniques that ultimately uncover only the horses that are most likely to win. If you’d like a free no obligation 14 day trial just drop us an email. But do please read a bit more about what we do. ( disclaimer – I am nothing to do with nor do I know Haydn Bretag who claims to be the owner of ProBet – avoid this person as the feedback I have is not good)

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The process of analysis

Finding winners isn’t necessarily a difficult task, it’s about putting together a process, being diligent and then interpreting your results. I explain exactly how I do it here.

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About David Evans

Born in 1967,  I led a fairly normal life –  grammar school education in the home counties and then a moderately successful career in financial sales until in 1993 I decided to take a year off and head to  Australia. Suffice to say I completely fell in love with the country.

I partly funded my travels by betting on Australian horse racing applying a very simple method that I had been using in England, but one that worked exceptionally well Down Under. After a year it was back to Blighty and I returned to the corporate world and spent the next 8 years in IT eventually becoming the manager of a sales team in Sydney, having secured a transfer from the UK within my company. The dot com bubble hit and as I was already fairly disillusioned with the industry I decided to leave the IT world and focus on my betting.

The method I was using in 1993 was the core of all my activities though it had been improved and modified to be more compliant with Australian racing. To help me stay focused on my betting and to ensure I stayed disciplined I wrote down the key points to my approach which became a 20 page manual which I sold on eBay entitled “How To Make Money Betting On Australian Racing”. The response was a surprise to me and throughout 2004/2005 I sold many of these and built up a database of customers whom I began regularly emailing with horse racing advice that was a product of the manual. ProBet was not intentional – it literally evolved from the sale of that manual and for the last ten years I have been working on becoming the best I can be in this industry. Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner is quoted as saying;

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field”.

I assure you I have made all the mistakes and the ProBet service is a product of every one of those mistakes that has been learnt from, understood and eliminated.  It is foolish to say that one has achieved a state of perfection or finality with anything – we must always be striving to do better and improve, but it is also fair to say that in the last two years the ProBet service has reached a level of consistency, profitability and professionalism that I am immensely proud of and hope to maintain in the years to come.

David Evans. August 7th 2014

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About Us

Established in 2005, ProBet was founded by David Evans who for nearly ten years has been providing a disciplined and logical approach to successful punting on Australian horse racing. No fancy gimmicks or difficult staking plans - just good old fashioned winners backed with maximum confidence. There is a short bio about David Evans on the home page.